Install FestEdit

We had an install fest in the ISE Dept lab today. It was quite a turn out I must say! We started at around 12:15PM and it went on till 2:30PM. We installed Ubuntu 8.04, also 8.10rc1 (on 2 comps) We started off by introducing WUBI, although we didn't use WUBI for the installation.We installed in the conventional, tried and tested method. :)

We explained each and every step in good detail and reasoning. The people who had come appeared genuinely interested. After all the partition configuration procedure was shown we also talked about the activities planned in the forthcoming weeks and everyone seemed pretty enthusiastic about having a Hackathon. So expect one in shortly. :)

Once the installation was completed we did some shameless publicity of BMSLUG. ;-). Since most people present weren't members, we asked them to join and many of them did. We also introduced them to IRC today, since for most of them it was the first time. Krishna showed the demo of creating an account using Pidgin and logging into IRC. We also showed the basic desktop usage such as how to compile and run a C program using gcc (also there was a mention of Anjuta but since we didn't have it installed any of the comps we couldn't show a demo of it), the Synaptic Package manager, network configuration, etc.. Madhu then gave us a glimpse of Python's power, promising a session on Python in the near future. Actually we were a bit short of time and couldn't actually complete what all we had in mind.

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