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Software Freedom Day 06 Edit

The event was on 16th September 2006. We started at 9.30am.


  1. 16th September 2006 , Software Freedom Day @BMSCE by Netravathi B
  2. Tuxmaniac @ BMS, Bangalore on SFD by Aanjhan R
  3. Software Freedom Day 06 by Praveen A
  4. Akshay


  • Revolution OS (video)
  • Free Software Philosophy -- by Aanjhan R, Praveen A
  • Discussion/FAQ on FOSS (motivation, benefits, challenges, student contributors) -- Praveen A, Aanjhan, Srikanth, Dinesh, Dilip V
  • Demo of AIGLX and GNU/Linux on ipod -- Aanjhan R
  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop/Server 10 - Rajababu Gorjala, Technology Sales Specialist - Linux Impact,Novell Inc.
  • Future plans for BMS FOSS Community/Upcoming events/BoFs - Praveen A, Aanjhan, Srikanth, Dinesh, Dilip V


  1. Praveen A - pravi -dot- a -at- gmail -dot- com
  2. Aanjhan R - aanjhan -at- gmail -dot- com
  3. Anish Jacob - anishblogs -at- gmail -dot- com
  4. Akshay Narayan - akshay-dot-jrao-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-in
  5. Sharadha M - sharadha -dot- bmsce at- gmail -dot- com
  6. Netravathi B - netra -dot- b86 -at- gmail -dot- com
  7. Vikram Vincent vincentvikram -at- gmail -dot- com

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