Hello All,

Welcome to the BMSCE Swatantra Tech Fest

Date: 21st April,2007

Time: 10:00 AM

Venue: BMS Library Auditorium, BMS College of Engineering, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.

Topics of the Swatantra Tech Fest:

Morning Session:10:00amEdit

  1. 10:30 -'The driving force behind Free Software' and 'Free Software and Women'-Vikram Vincent
  2. 11:15 -Business perspective-Abhas Abhinav
  3. 12:00 -Technical opportunities for students -PERL-Isaac
  4. 12:45 -GNU for the user-Beryl,Internet,and other multimedia applications-handled by BMSLUG
  5. 1:30 -LUNCH

Post LunchEdit

1. 2:00- Multiple BoF sessions

  • The Debian localization-Prasad Kadambi
  • Fedora and KDE project-Kushal Das
  • Python programming-Anush Shetty
  • Embedded Linux (Special Attraction for CSE , EC , EEE and TCE guys!)-Aanjhan

2. 3:30- Debian Etch Release Party.


Akshay Narayan- +91 98862 38996

Netravathi - +91 98866 89590


Server :

Channel : #bmslug

More on Campaign to promote Free Software in Karnataka

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