Venue: Cubbon Park (Victoria Statue entrance, MG Road side) Date: March 10th Time: 3 pm

Agenda: Building up a strong Free Software team, Anti-DRM-Campaign, GNU Labs, participating in Google Summer of Code - discuss


We had the highest number of GNUs grazing at any one point of time with a total of 22. The BMSCE team were very enthusiastic about their GLUG. Of course the main thanks go to Netravathi, Sharada and their team for getting the blood flowing at BMSCE. My "theory" on that issue seems to be right. I'll shortly post my theory on my page. We really had some good discussion going on all the topics on the agenda. The main points are:

  1. We need to work to bridge the knowledge gap among the teachers' and students' communities.
  2. The Free Software community needs to set up a team of mentors who can contribute a few hours every week to help students with their projects.
  3. Hostels need to be targeted as they are the best places to develop free software activists.
  4. An interface between the mentors and students need to be set up for the GNU Labs project initiative.
  5. A resource tree needs to be put together ("Srikanth GNUYOGA" <> will see to it).Please mail your details to him.
  6. The BMSCE event was planned but still needs to be finalised.
  7. As part of the Free Software community we need to focus on the philosophical aspects of the movement. This is a part of the freedom as well as our responsibility.



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  1. Praveen A
  2. Deepak Tripathi
  3. Abhishek G
  4. Vikram Vincent
  5. Shrikant Gaikwad
  6. Jaykumar.H.S
  7. Aanjhan (aka Tuxmaniac)
  8. Laxminarayan G Kamath
  9. K Sandesh Kamath
  10. Madhusudan CS
  11. Subramanyam S
  12. Puneeth Bhat AH
  13. Santosh G Vattam
  14. Stefan Feilmeier
  15. Siddharth Deshpande
  16. Ramanathan G
  17. Sanjay Shanbhogue
  18. Pulkit Bhuwalka
  19. Ishesh Murarka
  20. Krishna Bharadwaj
  21. GNUyoga Shrikant
  22. Abhijith Gopal
  23. I think some one got missed out on this list. Please replace this msg with your name.

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