FOSS Community PESIT has a Mailing list in Yahoo PES Institute of Technology is participating in FOSS Month 2006 celebrations.

open TalkEdit

A FOSS seminar (Open Talk) was organised from 4 - 7 pm on 24th November 2005 in PESIT.

  • Session 1 Why FOSS ? / Introduction to FOSS by Tejas
  • Session 2 FOSS Development ( Tools and Applications) byAnush Shetty
  • Session 3 Intoduction to Python - Swaroop CH
  • Session 4 Debugging Tools - Shreyas
  • Session 5 FOSS in Education project - what needs to be done ? Praveen
  • Session 6 Get FOSS Jobs ! Atul Chitnis

Update: The blogs are here

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