Date: 19th May 2007

Time: 3pm

Venue: Cubbon park (Enter through the Victoria Statue at St Marks Cathedral circle on MG Road, Walk straight in) - some one who came for our earlier meetings please give a clearer picture.


  • Which schools/colleges to contact (take up/assign coordinators for schools/colleges)
  • Time line for coming up with content - possibility leveraging from earlier experiences (IT@School in Kerala and Summer Camp 07)
  • Forming of small follow up teams for each school/college.
  • Eben Moglen and Georg Greve are separately visiting India. To explore if we can organize meetings in Bangalore for generating opinion.

(add here anything you like to discuss)

  • It would be good if participants can come prepared in advance for the meeting.


  1. Praveen A
  2. Vikram Vincent
  3. Sujith H
  4. Jaykumar.H.S
  5. Justin Joseph

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