Essay (mid. XX cent.) The philosophical, aesthetic, literary criticism, fiction, fiction titles, combining free-form gender to emphasize the author's individuality presentation.

What's essay Edit

The word "essay" came into the world from French and historically comes from the Latin word "exagium" (weighing). French "ezzai" can be literally translated as experience, test, try, sketch, sketch. Essay it is a prosaic work of a small amount and free composition, expressing individual experiences and views on a specific issue or problem and certainly does not claim to define or exhaustive treatment of the subject.

Essays signs Edit

- the presence of a particular subject or issue. The work is devoted to the analysis of a wide range of issues, by definition, can not be made in the genre of the essay;

- essay expresses personal experiences and views on a specific issue or problem and certainly not intended to be a decisive or exhaustive treatment of the subject;

- As a rule, the essay suggests a new, subjectively colored word about anything, such a product could have a philosophical, historical, biographical, journalistic, literary criticism, popular science or purely fictional character;

- in the content of the essays are evaluated primarily the author's identity - his world, thoughts and feelings.

The purpose of the essay is to develop skills such as independent creative thinking and a written statement of his own thoughts. Essays Writing is extremely useful, as it allows the author to learn to clearly and correctly formulate thoughts, organize information, use the basic concepts highlight the causal connection, the experience of relevant examples to illustrate, substantiate their findings.


The structure and plan of the essay Edit

The structure of the essay is determined by the demands placed on them: 1. The opinion of the author of essays on the problem set out in the form of short abstracts (T). 2. The idea should be supported by evidence, so follow the arguments of the thesis (A).

The arguments that are the facts, social phenomena, events, life situations and experiences, scientific evidence links the opinions of scientists and others. It is better to give two arguments in favor of each of the thesis, one argument seems unconvincing, three arguments may "overload" the presentation adapted genre-oriented to short and imagery.

Thus, the essay becomes a ring structure (the number of theses and arguments depend on the topics chosen by the plan, the logic of the development of thought):

- introduction;

- thesis and arguments;

- thesis and arguments;

- thesis and arguments;

- conclusion.

Essay writing important moments Edit

  1. Introduction and conclusion should focus on the issue (in the introduction it is put in prison - summarizes the author's opinion);
  2. It should be the allocation of paragraphs, the red lines, the establishment of logical connection paragraphs: so the integrity of the work achieved;
  3. The style of presentation: essays inherent emotionality, expressiveness, artistry. Experts believe that the proper effect provides short, simple, varied in tone proposals, skillful use of the "most modern" punctuation mark as a dash. However, the style reflects the personality characteristics, it is also useful to remember.

Essay writing mistakes Edit

  1. The bad check. Do not think that you can confine spellcheck. Re-read your essay and make sure that there is not any ambiguous expressions of failed revolutions, and so on. D. Examples of that are not necessary "to take note": "I am proud to be able to resist the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco" . "Working in your company (organization), situated in a wonderful place where a lot of the architecture in the Gothic style, is an exciting challenge for me."
  2. Tedious preface. Not enough detail.Too often plays an interesting essay that is without listing the allegations illustrate their examples. For essay characteristic common cliché: the importance of hard work and perseverance, learning from mistakes.
  3. Verbosity. Essays are limited to a certain number of words, so you need to dispose of this amount is reasonable.
  4. Long phrases. The longer the sentence, the better - so say some candidates. However, this is far from the truth. The long sentence does not prove the correctness of the author, and the short sentences often produce a greater effect. Best of all, when the essays alternate with long sentences short.
  5. Do not overload the essay.When writing an essay drop the word from the encyclopedias. Misuse of words distracts the reader's attention, lessen the essay.
Essay writing for IELTS

Taking the IELTS exam, everyone should be ready to be tested on the four main language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. IELTS Writing is a test system which check the written English skills, the total duration of which is 60 minutes. The IELTS Writing block consists of two tasks: the first task (150 words) it is a description of a graph or a graphic pattern (report) and the second task (250 words) is an essay one. 

Sources Edit

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