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FOSS in lab By Thejesh GN Note: Please add the slides/points so that I can use it in the next talk.

FOSS Advantages • Free as in freedom -- Source code is available to explore • No-fee licensing -- Why you want to pay when they are available free of cost • Easier integration -- Modular or plug-in based design. Add more toolkits • Intellectual propriety -- Keep your works copyrighted to you but share it with the world. • Better support -- Communicate and work along with developers. -- Refer email lists, online journals or wiki’s

Examples • Electronics Lab – Octave – Yorick.. Etc • Computer Science – Eclipse – Anjuta – GCC.. Etc • General – Open Office

Case study - Octave • Can be used by E&C branch students • Effective alternative to Matlab • The files can be exchanged between Octave and Matlab (Except for few known differences). • Best alternative to work on DSP related projects/assignments. • Support available on wiki and email list. • Available for both Linux and Windows • Get involve.

Case Study - Eclipse • Can be used by CSc students. • Complete IDE for Java/J2EE projects. • Due to plug-in structure, its highly expandable. • With plug-in’s can be used for development of C, C++, Python, Perl development • Available for both Linux and Windows • Highly used in practical world. • Support and Involvement •

FLOSS – College projects • Try to solve real world problem (How will you identify the problem ?). • Use the best tools. • Get experienced. • Work along with experienced developers. • Show case - Bring your project in front of the world. Host it at • Build a group/entity/community. • Build your own company. Do you know the story of Jasper Reports.

Thank You

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