JNTU GNU/Linux Users Group Edit

Jntu Linux Users Group is a small community formed at orkut 10 months back.

Now it has matured into a community of 100 members. The community is mainly about Linux and Open source technologies such as PHP, My SQL,Firefox,Open Office, BSD,ECLIPSE etc.,

The community has met once at Kukatpally,Hyderabad.

The events details according to venugopal chaladi are

" 1)First me(venu) and pavithran pasted JNTU-LUG meet posters all over the place, on walls, poles, busstops..etc. While this is happening some people approched us asked what's happening. Even Some are intersted to attend the Meet.Some people asked us is there any training going on. We r happy with that there r some people out there who r intersted in learning and to know LINUX.

2)The prime Guests for our meet r a) Mr. Devdas a Linux network expert from Bangalore. b) Mr. Naveen, GNU Hyderabad chapter head and head of Swetcha Linux(Telugu version) project.

3)We r only 15 in the meet as we r expecting nearly 30. But no problem we made a good start as it is the first success for our group. I thought we r far better than other communities who r having 1000's of members.

4) Mr. Devdas starts his lecture in more over a geek way. He is good with linux scripting and admin stuff. Frankly to say that i didnt find the stuff he is discussing is that much useful to us(members). A beginer cant understand those things. But as I am intersted in some hacking, cracking and scripting stuff i managed to learn some techniques from him.

5) Then after Mr. Pavitran takes it all and started with some basic stuff. After some lazy start he peeks up and finished.(Here we actually discussed what exactly a linux is, file structure...etc).

6)There comes Mr. Naveen the best part of the show. Here i (we) learnt so many things. The hardwork behind one aim, the logistics behind one project and so many.

Here he discussed what exactly a basic LINUX user needs. like, a)What is FSF(Free Software Fondation)? b)why should someone use LINUX? c)The evolution of FSF, GCC, LINUX..etc. d)The hrdwork behind devloping telugufont(srujana) they developed.

like this sooooo... many.

Initially we got some setbacks like sponcerships but successfully managed.

Thanks to "Bhargavi Institute" management for providing the place.

Thanks to u all who attended the meet and made successful."

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