VGLUG stands for Vnrvjiet Gnu/Linux Users Group.


  • The Sprint

"The Sprint" was conducted on September 28th 2006, where around 850 activists all over the state of Andhra Pradesh came together to translate about 40,000 lines of text into Telugu as part of the Swecha project aimed at creating a GNU/Linux distro with a completely localized version of GNOME desktop. This was the first time such a mass virtual gathering of activists came together for a free software activity in India. The event was conducted on the day in many Engineering Colleges in and around Hyderabad and across Andhra Pradesh. There were a few enthusiasts who participated from outside the nation as well. It included not only student activists but also faculty members of Colleges, Private employees from a few organisations etc.

VGLUG is a proud participant of The Sprint with a participation of above 200 students (the largest from a single place) on its behalf. We had two computer labs with a total of 90 computers, over 200 students who participated in batches from morning to evening, translating PO files. There was a huge disappointment from sections of students who were not able to participate due to the lack of time to take in more batches before the event closed.

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