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గ్ను లినక్స్ తెలుగు లో Edit

Set your GNU/Linux system to use Telugu Language, use this link [Configuring_on_Linux]

A Quick way is to simply install the fonts from kavya nandanam and update fonts cache. Here is the link to kavya nandanam

  1. Unzip the font package file and find Pothana2000.ttf
  2. Copy this file to ".fonts" directory in your home directory
    mkdir ~/.fonts
    cp Pothana2000.ttf ~/.fonts
  3. Update the font cache

You will need to restart an application after installing the font to see the newly installed font in that application. Although the instructions are given for Pothana2000 font, other fonts can be installed in the same fashion.

Debian GNU/Linux or UbuntuEdit

On Debian GNU/Linux or Ubuntu the ttf-telugu-fonts package has Pothana2000 and Vemana2000 fonts.

  1. Install ttf-telugu-fonts using apt-get
    apt-get install ttf-telugu-fonts

Fedora Core 6Edit

On Fedora Core GNU/Linux.

  1. Install fonts-telugu using yum
    yum install fonts-telugu

తెలుగు కెడిఇ దస్త్రాలుEdit

The telugu files for KDE are available in 2 branches . One is stable branch. The other is trunk (Trunk contains the latest testing files) The links for stable is stable kde page and for trunk is Trunk kde page

కెడిఇ చిత్రాలుEdit

Kde-telugu1 Klicketty-telugu Konsole-telugu

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