Khammam GNU/Linux Users group is meeting for the first time !!


Proposal by pavithran :

Date Edit

Propose a Date here.

  • Any day between 06/14/2009 - 06/30/2009 ---Neverstable 03:51, 13 June 2009 (UTC)

Date Confirmation : 2nd July 2009 ---Habeeb 16:00, 20 June 2009 (UTC)

About Edit

Pratyush Kotturu Edit

I am An Ethical Hacker, Robot Enthusiast, Freelancer and an Amateur Radio Technician. Presently Pursuing Ph.D. in Cognitive Sciences in Texas A&M University-Commerce. Just came to INDIA on 2 months trip. I am staying in Khammam. You can reach me via pratyush |AT| pratyush |DOT| in, Mobile:9177088060.

Pavithran Sakamuri Edit

I am pavithran . I did my undergraduation in CS at Khammam in Sree Kavitha Engineering College . I was the founder of Khammamglug and Khammam/SKECFOSS . I am currently studying at University of Southampton, England . Hence I cant come to the meet but will be attending it virtually :D Pavithran 20:37, 13 June 2009 (UTC)

Mohammed HabeebuddinEdit

Haven't been in touch with the group for quiet some time, trying to come back & refresh myself. Currently working in a 24x7 support project in Bangalore for Satyam & couldn't get offs/leaves on a short notice, hence I too can't make it to Khammam (this time) but will attend the meet virtually. You can reach me via or +919901522889


I am a newbie. I would like to take active participation in this meet, get me on 9848754134

Activities ProposedEdit

Shall we have the same boring installation session .. or are we planning anything new?

Please give your ideas .

  • Demo KDE4 Pavithran 08:25, 10 June 2009 (UTC)
  • Security - a new paradigm in Web 2.0 --Neverstable 03:43, 13 June 2009 (UTC)


This was just a small gathering . This was attended by sandeep and Ravindra raj at pavithran's house with pavithran particpating online. The meet was very informal because all of the members were from Khammam/skecfoss . Some of the activities at the meet were

  • Ubuntu 9.04 installation
  • Installing filezilla FTP client
  • Connecting motorola phone to Ubuntu 9.04 and uploading the pics to gallery2 via Filezilla FTP
  • Explaining basic usage to newbie(who is a school teacher)

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