FreeBird is a GNU/LINUX based mobile robot based on atmel's avr32 network gateway board, ATGNW100. FreeBird is a robotic platform for engineering students to study programming. More about FreeBird is at the bird's home

Voice controlled robot:Speech recognition extension to FreeBirdEdit

The project aims to have speech recognition extension to FreeBird. The ATNGW100 board used in FreeBird as such don't support audio input. So audio input is added with the help of ac97 audio-codec chip cs4202, as later speech recognition libraries are ported to the board to make the board respond to the voice commands.

Project members:

  1. Shyam.K

Autonmomous Robot:Sensor extension to FreeBirdEdit

Project members:

  1. Sachin Chandrashekhar
  2. Shalima K.S
  3. Sanam Ashraf

The project aims to add ultrasonic and digital compass sensors to free bird. Enabling those pair of sensors make the robot move avoiding obstacles and report where it has been reached, using the digital compass. If obstacles are static, the robot can be programmed to trace back the way it went, by storing the information sent by the digital compass.

Wireless extension to FreeBird(under discussion)Edit

Project aims to have zignee modules added to FreeBird to enable it with the capability of wireless communication.

Project Members

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