Language Team of GNU Lab Focuses on activities on Language Computing based on Free Software.


Training for Trainers in Malayalam Language ComputingEdit

This is a Community Development Programme which aims to create a Volunteer group of students by giving them training on Language Computing and there by enabling them to volunteer in activities aiding the common people to use computer in their mother tongue. Interested People can join the Team by adding their name in the below List

Note: Your_Name should be added as #Your_Name designation Dept/Class to get it enumerated automatically.

Group MembersEdit

  1. Shyam K Student S7-ECE(B)
  2. Sajjad KM Student S3-CSE(B)
  3. Fahad P Student S7-CSE(A)
  4. Mohammed jasir A student S3-ECE(A)
  5. Vishnu S S3-CSE(B)

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