We will be celebrating September 15 as Software Freedom Day along with the rest of the world. Discuss your ideas in our mailinglist or Orkut

Checkout last year's activities and ideas for pointers.

We will start from a copy of last year's ideas copy.

We are meeting up this 3pm, Sunday 5th August, 2007 for our first meetup, at Cubbon Park. Enter from Victoria statue entrance through MG Road, Queens Road and Kasturba Road circle.

Google map

Volunteer RegistrationEdit

Volunteers registration now open. Please sign up here. Also mention the college or region for which you want to volunteer.

Event planEdit

  • Blog about the event and preperation -- everyone
  • Reach out to maximum people through -- Praveen, Ramprasad B, Kushal, Pavithran, Vikram
    • Mailing lists
    • Orkut and other online communities
    • SMS, Rediff Bol, Yahoo messenger, Google Talk ...
  • Mass media campaign -- Anivar & Praveen
    • FM Radio
    • Television
    • Print media
  • Promotional materials -- Aanjhan
    • posters
    • T-shirts/Kurta
    • Distro/Free Software CDs/DVDs, Videos & audio ( Truth Happens, Trusted computing )
    • Pamphlets
  • Sign up volunteers for --
    • Localisation
    • Free Software {in,for,as} Education
  • Collect and display news articles
  • Mobilise colleges near to the centers (get a list of all colleges) -- Ramprasad B
  • Sponsorship --

The plan is to focus on students in the morning session and others in the afternoon session.

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