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Swathanthra Malayalam Computing is participating in Google Summer of Code.

Smc soc


  1. Praveen A
  2. Anivar Aravind
  3. Suresh P
  4. Santhosh Thottingal
  5. Hussain K.H


  1. Fix Malayalam Rendering (pango, qt and Open Office) issues - Savannah Task
  2. Open Type font with Swathanthra Malayalam Computing Design Specifications
  3. Add additional Indian Language support to Dhvani (currently Dhvani support Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam)
  4. Enhance/tune Dhvani text to speech engine to remove the gaps between phonemes - Savannah Task
  5. Integrate Dhvani text to speech engine with libraries (gtk and qt) and applications (Firefox, Evince and Open Office) - Savannah Task
  6. SARIKA -Speech recognition support for Free Software Desktops (GNOME and KDE) - Savannah Task
  7. Improve Akshara, add support for using unicode fonts and ability to handle multiple languages - Savannah Task
  8. Translation Application for Malayalam (English-to-Malayalam and Malayalam-to-English)
  9. A desktop dictionary application which can use wiktionary as the database (online and offline versions) and ability to update information
  10. A Malayalam Typing tutor like Tuxtype - Savannah Task


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