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Producer: The Server which you want to Monitor running net-snmp

Proxy: Accessible to Both to EM7 and to the Producer


I want to monitor my Personal System from EM7. I have setup Firewall to access my system. In that Only port 22 is open. You cannot access SNMP running on my personal system directly. So I have setup one Proxy Machine i.e. xyz which is accessible to EM7 and you can access my machine from xyz also.

Proxy Machine: xyz


On Proxy Machine:

ssh -f -N root@ -L 6004:localhost:6004

Start TCP to UDP socat on Producer:

socat -d -d -d -lffoo.log TCP4-LISTEN:6004,fork UDP4:localhost:161

Start UDP to TCP socat on Proxy:

socat -d -d -d -lffoo.log UDP4-LISTEN:161,fork TCP:localhost:6004

Test by running snmpwalk on Proxy Machine:

snmpwalk -v1 -c public localhost

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