Selected ParticipantsEdit

We have about 60 Indian students in GSoC this year; including 3 from my college. We sincerely hope that atleast 30 of these students will stick around to become permanent contributors to their respective projects.

A non-comprehensive list (may have missed out the NRIs): Name, Mentor, Project. (Quite a few Indian mentors out there too):

  1. Jasleen Singh, Arockiasamy Mohanraj, Design and implementation a better document inspector
  2. Ravinder Reddy, Katherine Marsden, Convert Derby tests to JUnit and fix Derby bugs
  3. Baishampayan Ghose, Michael Philip Sparks, Extending the web-server component in Kamaelia to make it useful as a general purpose web-server component
  4. Anant Narayanan, Devon H. O'Dell, Alternative Implementations of 9P: PHP and JavaScript
  5. Tara Gilliam, Michael Philip Sparks, Visual Editor for Creation & Composition of Shard Components
  6. Arun Raghavan, Joe Shaw, A Xesam-based D-Bus interface for Beagle
  7. Dawn Thomas, Rick Riolo , Urbance: An agent-based approach to Architectural Design
  8. Nitin Gupta, Dr. Tarique Sani, AJAX Support in Coppermine with an API
  9. Thejaswi Puthraya, Simon Blanchard, Implementing Check Constraints on Models
  10. Neil Joshi, Eugene Lazutkin, Pseudo 3-D Charting
  11. Amila Sampath, Theodore Serbinski, Designing a new core theme for Drupal
  12. Prashant Deva, Philippe Ombredanne, New Eclipse update manager
  13. Udayan Kumar, Martin Connor, Porting Etherboot drivers to gPXE
  14. Akhil Kumar Meshram, Pierrick Brihaye, eXist eXtension to teXt Search
  15. Debarshi Ray, Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay, An offline package update/installation facility for Pirut.
  16. Ria Das, Jeff Sheltren, Publication of all man and info pages for each release through a web interface
  17. Vivek B, Yutaka Niibe, Designing an educational microprocessor and led display using the same (in verilog).
  18. Attilio Rao, Roberson, Rewriting lockmgr(9)
  19. Swati Goyal, Matthew John Toseland, Improving Search in FreeNet
  20. Srivatsan, Florent Daignière, DOS resistant link level encryption using JFKi key management protocol
  21. Uday, Jack Bates, Web based Image Manipulation
  22. Ramnath R Iyer, Dirk Haun, Web services API for Geeklog
  23. Raghavendra Narasimhan V, Christoph Egger, OpenGL support for GGI
  24. Vikram Kumar V B, Christoph Egger, Improve XGGI by implementing some X extensions.
  25. Srijak Rijal, Sam Vilain, Gittorrent Server and Peer
  26. Sayamindu Dasgupta, Federico Mena-Quintero, Extending the lockdown framework in GNOME and making it even more deployment friendly
  27. Imran Patel, Xan López Saborido, Integrating Epiphany Bookmarks and Browsing History For GNOME-wide Access
  28. Rakesh Pandit, Nagarjuna Gadiraju, Graphical navigation/representation of knowledge base; and interfacing with other knowledge systems.
  29. Chintan Agarwal, Derek Atkins, QIF Importer Rewrite
  30. Krishna Kishore Annapureddy, François Revol, Implement a precache algorithm along with aging policy for the file system caches
  31. Avi Mehta, Rastin Mehr, Implementation of mootools in Joomla! 1.5 framework
  32. Shivasharan Rao, Jonathan Riddell, SQL Code Generation and Enhanced Entity Relationship Models for Umbrello
  33. Piyush Verma, Andreas Pakulat, Python Support for KDevelop4
  34. Anirudh Ramesh, Cornelius Schumacher, Bridge the gap between KitchenSync and OpenSync
  35. Sharon Myrtle Paradesi, Robert Kaye, Using Collaborative Filtering to generate Relationships between artists for MusicBrainz
  36. Nidhi Rawal, Sebastien Pouliot, Gendarme: The problem finder
  37. Mayank Jain, David Jesús Horat Flotats, Moodle Voice
  38. Udit Sajjanhar, Petr Skoda, Secure RSS Feeds
  39. Srirang G Dooddihal, Dan Mosedale, Implementing cross-session download resume
  40. Kunal Kumar D Jain, Dietrich Ayala, Places: Indexing Visited Pages
  41. K.Harishankaran, Nagappan, Firefox automation & Tinderbox integration
  42. Sumantra R. Kundu, William Studenmund, A Framework For Enforcing QoS Inside the NetBSD UVM
  43. Deepank Gupta, Werner Almesberger, Ad hoc communication via Bluetooth
  44. Sashikanth Raju S Damaraju, Paul Biondich, Clinical Data Visualization Tools
  45. Rahul Murmuria, William Sommerfeld, Porting Racoon2 to OpenSolaris
  46. Amit Vyas, DongInn Kim, Globus/Condor Package for OSCAR
  47. Siddharth Angrish, Simon Lin, Learning a Context Free Grammar by reading Corpus in a given language
  48. Swanand Janardan Deodhar, Shashank T. Date, Framework for ETL and Datamining operations in Ruby
  49. Shobhit Jindal, Pavel Tankov, SSH Support in SIP Communicator using JCraft SSH2 Java Implementation
  50. Hiran V, Hussain K.H, Unicode Standard Malayalam Font
  51. Antony Francis Maliakal, Anivar A Aravind, Akshara OCR
  52. Shyam K, Santhosh Thottingal, Basic Voice Recognition System for malayalam
  53. Mobin M, Praveen A, MalluTux
  54. Jinesh KJ, Suresh P, Comprehensive malayalam input system for GNU/Linux
  55. Sourav Pal, Jean-Paul Saman, RTSP Streaming Server in VLC
  56. Nageswara Rao M, Abraham Moolenaar, Integrating vim editor with eclipse
  57. Ishaan Dalal, Monty Montgomery, Sinusoidal coding for Ghost
  58. Vandan Parikh, Ludovic Dubost, XWiki Offline
  59. Nikhil N, Baiju Muthukadan, Run Zope 3 using Python 2.5
  60. Gartheeban Ganeshapillai, Kaustubh Srikanth, Auto Completion of


  • Thanks to Anant Narayanan of ILUG-BOM for compiling this list

For complete list of Projects,Mentors, Organizations visit


(see [WWW] Google's FAQ)

March 5: Mentoring organizations can begin submitting applications to Google

March 12: Mentoring organization application deadline

March 13: Google program administrators review organization applications

March 14: List of accepted mentoring organizations published on; student application period opens

March 24: Student application deadline

Interim Period: Mentoring organizations review and rank student proposals; where necessary, mentoring organizations may request further proposal detail from the student applicant

April 9: List of accepted student applications published on

Interim Period: Students learn more about their project communities

May 28: Students begin coding for their GSoC projects; Google begins issuing initial student payments

Interim Period: Mentors give students a helping hand and guidance on their projects

July 9: Students upload code to; mentors begin mid-term evaluations

July 16: Mid-term evaluation deadline; Google begins issuing mid-term student payments

August 20: Students upload code to; mentors begin final evaluations; students begin final program evaluations

August 31: Final evaluation deadline; Google begins issuing student and mentoring organization payments


Mentoring OrganisationsEdit

  1. Swathanthra Malayalam Computing

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