For the majority (at least in their own opinion), the literature is the most affordable way to stand out. It must be born beautiful, leader and also passable learn to play an instrument takes half a lifetime, and if you do not know how to draw, it is very difficult to convince yourself otherwise. But each individual has the rich inner world, and can to reflect it on the Internet is not worth a dime. Therefore, there is in literature the highest level of ecological diversity.
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An aspiring writerEdit

To write is to live consciously. If you're simply, sincerely and truthfully, your readers will be able to find themselves in the heroes; then passes a sense of loneliness and isolation from the world, which is so frequent and painful torments us. Do not get carried away with ambiguities and pure mind game. Do not be afraid of emotions; do not be ashamed of memories. Do not be afraid of what people think. Be careful not to write anything.

  • Do I have to write at all?

In fact, useful to start to understand yourself, the motives - why and why you take up the pen? If you do not know if you just really want - write! If you push the ambitions and false illusions, better not. Road contemporary writer is very difficult and often thankless task. It should very believe in yourself, you need something to really have a soul, in order to get the book - and a good book. A bad, alas, without the terms of millions and millions.

  • How to start?

Again - with what you want, the choice is yours. But it is clever, if you start with small forms - stories, essays, articles and short stories. Try to close your creativity and most importantly - you know a lot about literature people. If possible, try to work with newspapers and magazines. The same article - a good abrasive and Exercises for any writer. Do not be able to cope with the simple little article, perhaps, it does not make sense to take on something artistic?

  • How to write?

Here, every writer Talmud its distinctive tips are not always suitable for outsiders. Some are waiting for the wind and the creative inspiration, others assiduously every day scribbled several thousand characters. Acceptable and then, and more. Yet the motive is important, what is important is that, first of all, pushes to the writer's desk. The plot, mood - try to put everything on the shelves. You can not, start writing blindly and sort it out on the go.

The best teachers - the book is the acknowledged masters. Not always a list of them can match with your favorite names, and there is a reason to think seriously. If among the favorite no classic, then you may want to tackle first reading and not on writing? I should add that talented books induce ideas, themes, light job. A wonderful trick: try to rewrite the hand of their favorite paragraph, page. Text see a completely different, a mystery that was not given earlier, it may be revealed.

Editing and more time editing! Learn to edit the texts themselves. Initially, this will be a very difficult job, but do not forget the classics copied their works dozens of times.

Spoon the materials from living life to watch people remember the hundreds of interesting trivia, do not cook within their own juice. And it is absolutely ridiculous to rewrite scenes from computer games or television series.

Prototypes are written off from the ceiling, usually dull and lifeless. Meanwhile, his Tolstoy wrote Anna Karenina from three women he knew, and Vronsky with a real officer. The famous Tom Sawyer Mark Twain also picked up entirely of his childhood, as well as the town where all the main events happened. The same can be said of Fazil Iskander (Childhood Chica), Jack London, painstakingly collects stories explorers of Alaska and many other great authors. Our heroes roam around, remember this, they learn to see and hear.

  • What should we expect from the literature?

First of all, happy moments of the game and work with the word. The resulting story, story, novel - this always win and always an event. And it is not so important, as it will be appreciated by others. By the way, if the item is really wonderful, and the score will not be slow in coming, and the publication will happen sooner or later.

  • How to publish?

Question - harder than you can imagine. But to turn it into an irresistible obstacle, it is not necessary. There are the literary community, join, exchange information, share tips. There are a lot of literary competitions - large and small - take part in them. The chances of the winner are printed seriously increase. If you believe in the written, are responsible for each page, begin to offer publishers a thing. This magazine and book editors. Do not despair, met with silence and denials. Almost all writers go through this. To some extent, this is also hardening. Do not believe in yourself goes the distance, these writers almost always make it to the finish.


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