CSQL is open source main memory database management system and caching platform for MySQL and Postgres. This product is developed by Indian professionals working in different companies in India. Interested Students are encouraged to do their projects with CSQL. Students can use CSQL as their database back end for their projects or they can develop features for CSQL. We provide necessary guidance and high quality video materials on this topic to get started.

Who can contribute?

Who has knowledge on C, C++, Linux.

Who want to do something different rather than the usual academic projects like library management system, etc

Who want to know the tools and techniques used in Industry for product development.

Who has aspiration to do real projects(related to research) rather than writing programs for their academic projects.

Who is willing to spend long hours to understand the internals of database management system with limited documentation available.

Communications Channels

First create an account, to participate in CSQL activities

The primary mechanism for CSQL communication is through its forums. Anyone who is using this product shall participate in developer forums. You can search for the archive of past discussions before you post your question/issue.

Product Page: Page:

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